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Autism is an "invisible" disability and as such it is important for children with autism to have proper identification to help both families and businesses feel more comfortable and welcome in public places. Once other people are aware of an individual's disability, the more understanding and helpful they become.

For children with autism spectrum disorders, opportunity, consistency and repetition are the keys to learning to become acclimated to a new environment. Because generalization is difficult, a child with autism will need to spend time and explore each new environment and learn how to adjust. If wearing appropriate identification helps individuals with autism and their families gain a sense of understanding and support in the community, they can become less isolated and more independent. This is a win for the families and a win for the businesses.

Be sure and reward the businesses that have joined the AFL directory with your loyal patronage and by adhering to the following Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct
  • I recognize the staff does not have extensive training in autism. However, they have an attitude of acceptance and willingness to learn.
  • I will respect staff and allow them time to make appropriate accommodations.
  • I will recognize and understand that staff will not know my child has autism unless they wear AOK identification or tell staff upon arrival.
  • I will extend the same courtesies of removing my child from a stressful situation as I would a typical child. Autism is a reason for certain behaviors, not an excuse.
  • I understand the more often we go in public, the easier it will become.
  • I understand that Autism Friendly Locations value us as customers.
  • I fully acknowledge that AFL is a voluntary program which provides an attitude of acceptance and understanding.
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